Quadral Signo Avantgarde 70

Quick Overview

Type: 3-way
Design principle:bass reflex
Nominal/music power (W): 100/150 W
Frequency response (Hz): 30...50.000 Hz
Crossover frequency (Hz): 300/2.600 Hz
Efficiency (dB/1W/1m):88 dB
Impedance (Ohm): 4...8
Tweeter: RiCom
Midrange:170 mm Ø Titanium-PP
Woofer:170 mm Ø Titanium-PP
Cabinet size (h*w*d):956 x 203 x 315 mm
Weight: 16,71 kg
Warranty:5 years

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Quadral Signo Avantgarde 70

The SIGNO 70 is the speaker for those who demand the finest musical reproduction in a slightly smaller set of dimensions from the 80. From crisp, deep basses through precise middle tones from newly developed polypropylene membranes, to the brilliant trebles, this speaker will continue to engage you for hours with its magnificent musical reproduction. This is all underscored by the ease with which singers and instruments can be located. This fine speaker is lacquered to a high gloss, is extremely resilient, and places only modest demands on the amplifier. That makes SIGNO 70 a powerful all-round talent whose sound perfection is inspiring by its spaciousness and dynamics — all without discolouration.

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