Aurelia Magenta

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The Magenta is a very small loudspeaker but the sound is however far from being small. We are talking about a real little big speaker, whose dynamics, deep bass and sonical credibility has astonished everyone.The secret of these exceptional dynamics is our new DDC-bass unit (Dynamic Damping Control). With the design of the DDC-unit, the effective interaction between the amplifier and the bass unit is emphasized. As a result of superb dynamic damping properties, the bass reproduction of the Aurelia Magenta is controlled even in the deepest bass-impacts. The bass quality and depth of the Magenta are absolutely one of the best in its class.We use our 2nd generation Energy Controlling Waveguide-technology (ECW) in the tweeter system. The ECW seamlessly adapts the tweeter to the bass unit at the cross frequency. The ECW-technology guarantees that the transition from bass to treble occurs smoothly and that the phase behavior is linear.The result is a pleasant and uniform sound with a natural and three-dimensional soundstage. It is not a coincidence that the Aurelia Magenta has received numerous panegyric ratings from reviewers. It seems that everybody tends to fall in love with this little new miracle.

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